Customer Service Employee of the Year in association with The PBS Group


Tony Le Tiec, managing director of PBS Group

Why are you keen to be involved in the Pride of Jersey awards again this year?
‘Jersey is an amazing place to live and do business and it is so important that we celebrate the people that make that happen. Those people need celebrating and Pride is the perfect way to do it.’

Why is it important to recognise individuals who do good for the community in Jersey?
‘Local businesses need supporting – we don’t want to see the corner shop disappear! People are quick to criticise when they do not receive the appropriate service but rarely praise when they do. We have a small village atmosphere here and we feel it is very important to recognise all aspects of the community, especially the people in it. Almost everyone in Jersey is putting something back, even a little amount, and when it is all joined up it gives us this wonderful place to live. ‘

What is it about this category that associates well with your company brand, image or ethos?
‘Our company is all about the service industry and with that, customer care. With over 4,000 clients or ‘customers’ we know all about the importance of good customer care, particularly in small island such as Jersey. We also want to use this as an opportunity to share why we think it is so important to offer a good service.’

What will you be looking for in this year’s winner?
‘We would like to see some good quality customer care. People who are prepared to go that extra mile and who look forward, focusing on good service and not necessarily always the price. Anyone not nominated this year will know the benchmark to aim for next year. 
‘Businesses also should be staying relevant to the needs of the customer, which will ultimately make them successful.
‘Businesses looking after each other is also valuable in the current economy and something we will be keen to see demonstrated.’