Protecting Your Environment: Device Sanitisation Programme

During this ongoing COVID-19 Crisis we have received a strong demand from our customers for additional device cleaning routines and supplementary hygiene products to ensure that customers MFDs, Scanners & Printers are regularly cleaned and sanitised.

PBS use Isopropyl alcohol-based products to clean such devices, it is one of the active ingredients in many of the products used to disinfect hospital surfaces. It is on the Environmental Protection Agency's "List of Antimicrobial Products Effective Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Human HIV-1 and Hepatitis B Virus. The isopropyl alcohol in these products is combined with another chemical that helps it to stay on the surface longer and not evaporate as quickly to act more effectively against bacteria, spores and viruses.

To help businesses during this difficult time the team at PBS Business Solutions are offering a device santisation routine that will ensure that the device touch screen and keypads along with the rest of the covers are properly cleaned at the special reduced call out price of £25 per A3 device or £15 per A4 device.  Fleet based pricing will be available for on request for multiple devices.

If this is a service that you require either as a one off or scheduled as a daily, bi-weekly or weekley routine service then please contact Neil McKay on 01534 761414 or email and we will be happy to schedule this service on a timetable that works for you and your business, as well as taking orders for your hygiene supplies.

We thank you for your continued custom as we continue to support your business through these unprecedented times.

Alan Medcalf
Managing Director


Protecting Your Environment: Device Sanitisation Programme