World class data protection solution


PBS Group have designed a world class data protection solution that will keep all your data secure.

This solution is designed to protect any part of your data when stored or in the transit process at the beginning of the document journey from your Multi-Function Device (MFD).

This unique, true end to end security is able to protect data at the source when it is created on a copier/scanner, so that when you scan the sensitive data, it is protected at the creation point. 


Our approach will assist in the compliance of GDPR, as it clearly states in the regulation that personally identifiable data must be adequately protected.

Protecting against the inside threat

The PBS Research and Development team found that almost two thirds of large organisations have experienced a print-related data breach. Organisations in the Channel Islands can not afford to be complacent.

If your business is not compliant with full end to end protection starting with print and scan (MFD) security, you could face potential fines imposed by the GDPR regulator.

GDPR (Article 32) encourages a company to implement effective security measures in response to the evolving threat landscape. While some companies implement some technical measures directly, most do not have the inclination or skills to design or implement a solution that will protect their data from unauthorised use, access, loss or corruption.

If any of the unauthorised use, access, loss or corruption occur, this will constitute a breach. PBS have designed a solution to mitigate against such a breach.

The MFD is the intersection of where physical documents meet the digital world and many companies struggle with cyber security as the data is transferred into the digital environment without the necessary security for GDPR. PBS have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to create a solution to protect these documents.

Our unique design protects the scans, emails and documents from the time of creation and wherever the data goes. It also applies data retention policies dynamically to the protected data, so that the document is only kept for the designated period.

It works across any network and on any connected printer. The data can be securely accessed by the respective user and the solution is designed to keep the data on your network, prevent data leaks and help companies comply with GDPR.

Networked printers and MFDs are frequently disregarded when it comes to information security measures. These internal networked devices store and process data and have mini computers built-in with security vulnerabilities as with any other networked endpoint device.

The PBS Data Protection Solution extends to the endpoint and can also prevent unauthorised access to electronic communications, stored Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and the distribution of sensitive personal information. This is a key part of GDPR’s network and information security requirements.

In the Channel Islands, especially in legal, finance and trust, many organisations are still reliant on printing to support key business processes. It is essential that any meaningful security measures towards GDPR compliance take into account protection of networked printers and MFDs. 

PBS has established a data protection response team that not only will address each of the vulnerabilities but together with our data protection solution, will form part of your end to end security strategy. 

To find out more about the PBS Group GDPR Data Protection Solution please contact Alan Medcalf or call 01534 875611.