Motia Sit-to-Stand Tables

Motia Sit-to-Stand Tables

In an ongoing effort to promote wellness in the workplace, the Motia Sit-to-Stand Table puts people and workplaces in motion. Moving with workers and their workflow, Motia enables a smooth transition between sitting and standing. Designed with quality, minimal materials, and available in various finishes, Motia makes height adjustability easy to afford, easy to use, and easy to integrate—in any setting. 

Promote Wellness at Work

It’s commonly known that a sedentary lifestyle can cause a higher risk of health problems. However, most of us are motionless about 21 hours a day, between sitting and sleeping. The Motia Sit-to-Stand Table makes it easier to move throughout the work day—keeping bodies healthier.

Well-Made Tables for Employee Well-Being

Motia offers reliable height adjustability, durability, and stability backed by unmistakable Herman Miller quality and service. Designed to integrate with any workplace, Motia tables require minimal assembly upon delivery.

Ease into Sit-to-Stand Solutions

Height-adjustable solutions are gaining popularity within workplaces, promoting health and happiness. At an affordable price point, Motia is an opportunity to ease into height adjustability with a Herman Miller product.